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Upcoming Projects

Amount Raised


Donation Goals

All money raised will count towards these goals including regular donations, bits, subs, and donations to specific projects. 

$1 - Shot Roulette

An assorted number of glasses filled with an assorted number of liquids. Draw a number.

$5 - Cassidy Plays Resident Evil

She said she’d do it, and should it be necessary, Gilmore has the clip to prove it.

$10 - Cake Face

We’re baking a cake. If you hit this goal Drew will take some to the face. If you don’t we’re eating it.

$15 - Pepper Flights

Michael and Brian will eat 5 peppers in ascending level of scoville in 30 minutes.

$25 - Shot Roulette 2

Bigger and worse.

$35 - TENS Unit

Electrical nerve stimulation contest — who can tolerate the highest voltage?

$50 - Another Makeup Video

A third installment to the Drew and Cassidy do each others makeup series.

$60 - 8 Loco Ganon

Michael drinks two 4 Lokos and plays Smash.

$100 - Shot Roulette 3

Shor roulette but with only the bad stuff.

To Be Announced

More to be added as goals are met.

Stretch Goals

$1,000 - Pizza Smoothie 3

We really don’t want to try again, but we have an idea. It’s just so hard to clean.

$5,000 - C100

Reliving our glory days by buying the overpriced and coveted camera of our youth. 

$30,000 - The Stream Bus

We buy a bus and covert it to a mobile streaming hub. We have plans, I swear. Ask us about it.

Special Donations

$6.66 - Buy a Shot