FISH inc


Drew Lawton

The closest thing to a CEO we have, Drew started the FISH Inc brand in March of 2013 with the FISH Games YouTube channel and has ran it ever since. Involved in most all production ventures, he’s a face you’ll see in lot’s of content.

Ethan Dunn

Ethan is one of the original six members of FISH Inc from 2013, and very active with its current productions. Now going to law school, he studies comfortably knowing that he has a prosperous fallback career in the top brass of FISH Inc.

Cassidy Coe

Cassidy offically joined FISH Inc in 2020, appearing on Twitch streams and YouTube content. She is co-host of the Ossu Otaku Podcast as well as being involved in a number of upcoming productions. 

Teagan Perrin

Also known as Twitch Mod Teagan, Teagan’s contribution extends well beyond banning follow bots.  Behind the scenes, Teagan provides invaluable tech and production assistance, as well as appearing in the occasional video.


Jared Palmer

Shannon Mulligan