Evil Acts: Season 1

The Concept

In 2019, three friends set out to the Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City, Iowa to film a final project for a non-fiction filmmaking class. The concept, to investigate the towns infamous Black Angel, and decide for themselves whether it was well and truly haunted. While the results of the first attempt would be considered inconclusive, what was determined was the fact that the trio wanted to continue their investigations, both of the statue, and other famous ghost hotspots. Now the goal is to film 5 to 6 episodes over the course of the summer, exploring various locations across the midwest and see if these cynics can be convinced otherwise.

Meet The Cast

Drew Lawton

Cassidy Coe

Landon Walsh

The first season will include new cast members to be announced at a later date! These will include the addition of designated camera operators, and a medium.

Season 1 Locations

Robinson Woods

A forest preserve on the outskirts of Chicago that sits on the former land and family burial ground of an Ottawa chief. This episode will cover an overnight camping trip in its woods.

The Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial

Across the state from our original muse, the Ruth Anne Dodge memorial in Council Bluffs is often called Iowa’s ‘other’ Black Angel. We’ll venture into Fairview Cemetery to see which statue should be crowned most haunted.

The Black Angel

With a few more ghost hunts of experience under our belt, we’ll return to Oakland Cemetery to revisit our old friend and see if we can find any hauntings we missed out first time around.

The Picker Knows

Located in an old grocery store in Des Moines, Iowa, The Picker Knows antiques store contains many oddities that are said to bring a rotating cast of ghosts. We’ll join the owner overnight to see if any are around to say hi. 

To Be Announced

Pending approval to film on the premise, one more location will be announced at a later date. 

Bonus Location

If we hit $1,400 in total donations, the extra $400 will be used to cover the overnight stay cost of this bonus location, and add a 6th episode to Season 1. 

Villisca Axe Murder House

Home of the unsolved Villisca Axe Murders, this location is one of the most haunted attractions in the country. This episode will document an overnight stay on the premise.

Donation Goals

$1,000 - Initial Goal

In order for the show to be guaranteed to enter production this year, we want to reach an initial $1,000 to help cover the costs of things such as travel, lodging, and equipment we’ll require to produce the show to the level of quality we wish to achieve. This will not cover the entirety of the production, as a project we are all very passionate about, we’ll be self funding any necessiary costs past this point.

$1,400 - Episode 6

If we exceed our goal and reach a total of $1,400, we’ll commit to producing a 6th episode at the Villisca Axe Murder house as detailed in the section above. 

$2,000 - Infrared Camera

Should we double our goal and reach $2,000, this will allow the purchase of an infrared camera to add to the overall quality of the show. Any money beyond this point we get will similarly go to the purchase of better video, audio and lighting equipment to better the show from a quality standpoint.