The Concept

The best queso in Austin? The best chicken sandwich in fast food? The best hot dog in Chicago? The best gas station pizza in Iowa? All age old questions to food connoisseurs everywhere. Now three friends set out to answer that and more. Join us for this seasonal podcast, where we pick a food and and it’s most iconic locations, breaking each restaurant down and comparing it to the competition to decide on the ultimate place to eat. In season one we will travel to Austin, Texas and wage into it’s infamous queso war with pleasure. 

Pilot episode coming soon! In the meantime feel free to take a listen to our season 1 theme.

Meet The Cast

The Chef

The Critic

The Austinite

Season 1 Locations

Kerbey Lane

Torchy's Tacos

Taco Deli

More To Be Announced!

The Pilot

This episode will be filmed soon, prior to the completion of the fundraising. 


Donation Goals

$600 - Initial Goal

While the concept of the show is very straightforward, we would like to achieve some initial investment to get the show off the ground. This will include partial coverage of the costs of traveling to Austin, as well as partial coverage of the cost of the food. The remaining costs of the show will be self funded. 

$800 - Bonus Content

Any money raised beyond the initial $600 will be put either to this season, or allotted toward future seasons of the show.  If we reach a minimum of $800, we will commit to making bonus content on top of the initial show.